Top 10 Powerful iOS 15 Features You Should Know

iOS 15 features
powerful iOS 15 features

Want to know the top 10 powerful iOS 15 features? Now that iOS 15 is here, these are some of the first features you should look at. iOS 15, the iPhone‘s next big software upgrade, is now available. And you should try it out.

iOS 15 is introducing very new features, for instance, redesigned FaceTime capabilities, tools to decrease distractions. Along with a new notifications experience, enhanced privacy features, entire redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, and more.

Here are some of the important aspects you should spend some time experimenting with.


Focus Feature iOS 15
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iOS 15 lets You can create many profiles for various settings. While giving you greater flexibility over how you interact with your phone.

Traveling on your holidays? Taking a power nap during the lunch hour?  You can turn off your notifications from your work apps and email.

The only difference is that you can choose to allow messages from Slack if anything urgent comes up. You can also make bespoke home screens that just display the apps you need for a specific situation.

Focus feature is based on user context, like, professional and personal hours

In addition, focus profiles are so configurable. And, you can go all out figuring what’s best for you.

New Notification Experience

Revised Notification iOS 15
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How many unnecessary notifications do you get? However, you may still want to know about those discount codes. But not everything your app decides to bother you.

iOS 15 provides you a perfectly redesigned notification. Your notifications will now display contact photos for people. Moreover, it will also display larger icons for easy identifications.

In addition, iOS 15 lets you group less-important notifications and plan them to appear at a specific time. However, direct messages are still sent, and you can pick applications to include in your Scheduled Summary.

You can also now temporarily mute the alerts of any app or message thread. In addition, iOS 15 will recommend muting a thread if it is abnormally busy but you are not engaging with it. Developers can now send Time-Sensitive notifications. Also, use the new design for notifications originating from people thanks to a new notification API.

Live Text

Live Text from Photo iOS 15
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How about you can translate information from your photos? Isn’t it interesting? Well, iOS 15, lets you copy, paste, translate and search information from your images. When text is discovered in your photo, it will appear as an icon in the lower right corner of both apps. When you select it, you’ll be able to copy any recognized text into your Notes app.

If it’s a link, you can long-press it to go to the website. It will also work with screenshots and photographs you’ve already taken. There’s a little trial and error needed, but it’s still a useful tool that works quickly.

Redesign for Safari

New Safari iOS 15
Image Source: 9TO5Mac

Your forever safari is now new with changes. Safari has an entirely new look with iOS 15. Controls are moved to the bottom of the screen which makes them more accessible with one hand.

Moreover, a new compact tab bar floats at the bottom of the screen. Which, incorporates a Smart Search field, allowing users to simply swipe between tabs. Users can save their tabs in a folder and sync them across their iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Tab Groups. In addition, there is a new tab overview grid view.

iOS 15 now supports voice. For the first time, Safari gets a customized start page and mobile web extensions. All new Safari privacy features in iOS 15 includes Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This prevents trackers from profiling you based on your IP address. In addition, Safari will automatically upgrade sites that support HTTPS to HTTPS from insecure HTTP.

New FaceTime Capabilities

Redesigned FaceTime iOS 15
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FaceTime is our favorite out of all. FaceTime will get a lot of love in iOS 15. The ability to video chat with your Green Bubbles is possibly the most significant change. You may now send FaceTime links to your Android and PC-using buddies without needing an iPhone. If your bestie is a Green Bubble aficionado, here is a great excuse to try out the iOS 15 public beta.

Portrait mode on FaceTime
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For video chats, FaceTime now has Portrait mode. Which allows you to blur out their background and bring themselves in focus. As well as mute alerts, which make it easier to hear when you’re on mute. There’s also an optical zoom option for the back camera, as well as a new grid view for group FaceTime conversations that allow users to see more faces at once.

Tease Your Maps

New Map Design iOS 15
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We are all about working with Google Maps. However, Apple has made possible changes to compete. iOS 15 has an interactive globe view and greatly expanded details in a new 3D view for cities. Neighborhoods, business areas, elevation, buildings, and other features, iOS 15 enhances. Including new road colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new “moonlit” night mode.

How interesting is that? You explore maps like exploring cities yourself.

Also, the Maps app has a new 3D city-driving experience that works on both the iPhone and Apple CarPlay. Which includes road elements like turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks.


Redesigned Siri iOs 15
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Your Siri in iOS 15 is also now better and need no longer internet connection. Siri requests are processed on-device using the Neural Engine, which increases security and improves responsiveness dramatically.

On-device speech recognition will improve while using devices. Siri will send a screenshot or share onscreen elements like images, web pages, content from Apple Music. Also, Apple Podcasts, Apple News stories, Map’s locations, and more in a Message. In addition, Siri will also send a message or make a call based on onscreen context.

Your notification will be now announced by Siri. You can also ask Siri what is on the screen.

In iOS 15, Siri adds more languages to its neural text-to-speech voice, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

Study Weather App

New Weather App iOS 15
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Apple’s purchase of Dark Sky would result in significant upgrades to iOS’s default weather app. While the app still uses The Weather Channel’s data. Also, it appears that certain more granular features, such as precipitation notifications, have been transferred. The app is completely new in design, with new animations and a new interface.


Reminder on iOS 15
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Tags have been added to Reminders to help with organizing. However, tags can now be used to search and filter reminders. A new Tag Browser allows you to rapidly view tagged reminders by tapping combinations of tags.

There are also new personalized smart lists that group reminders together automatically based on tags. Quick-access options for deleting finished reminders increased natural language support. As well as, extended suggested qualities such as tags, flags, priority, and more.

Find My

Find My App iOS 15
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The Find My app now includes new features to assist in the recovery of a lost device. A family member or friend can share their location with live-stream. This will help you with their sense of direction and speed.

Apple has added Find My network capability to the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. As well as a new Find My widget for a quick glimpse at where you are.

Separation Alerts have also been added to alert users if they leave an AirTag, Apple device. Including the Find My Accessories network behind in an unexpected environment.

To Wrap up Things,

And there you have it, some information about the top 10 powerful iOS 15 features. I Hope, we have shared the best features for you. Hopefully, it clears any doubt you have about iOS 15.

If you want to know more, then let us know in the comment section below.

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