Voting lines are Open for ICT Award 2021

ICT Award 2021

Various startups, products, and innovations are competing for the prestigious F1Soft ICT Award 2021. It is organized by Living with ICT.

The top 5 startups are now competing for the Best Category winner after being selected from over 40 startups in four stages. Similarly, the best 5 products are selected from over 35 products. In the same way, the best 5 Rising Star Innovations are selected from over 60 participants.

The public can vote for the winners of these three categories via e-Sewa and SMS until the 8th of December, 2021. Similarly, the selection process for the other 8 award categories is still ongoing.

The award’s grand finale will take place on the 17th of December.

Top 5 Startups of F1Soft ICT Awards 2021:

Duluwa Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

Duluwa Expeditions Private Limited, founded in 2019, is a social travel and tourism industry digital platform that allows travel agencies and operators to sell their packages in the international market while also promoting Nepal’s tourism industry’s digital presence. Its main goal is to promote Nepal’s natural environment, community, culture, and cuisine. By 2025, wants to be a “One Stop Solution” for travel solutions in Nepal. The company now employs seven people and performs the majority of its work remotely.

House of Books Pvt. Ltd.

House of Books is a company founded by a college student in the year 2020. There, you can get the books you need. It offers novels, storybooks, and other essential books to colleges and schools. It also has a section where you can buy used books. According to the company, this will provide high-quality, low-cost educational books while also promoting sustainability and green trade. Over a thousand people use the House of Books. In Kathmandu’s Min Bhawan office, a group of eight people is working.

Kheti Venture Pvt. Ltd

Kheti Venture was founded with the goal of becoming a leading transformer in Nepal’s agro-food-tech ecosystem and other developing economies, thereby contributing to a sustainable food system. Kheti Venture’s Kheti allows customers to order fruits and food online. A farming farm app has also been launched by the company, which tracks agricultural input supplies such as seeds, fertilizers, insect nets, and other items and determines transparent pricing. It’s also brought together farmers, agronomists, and scientists. More than 30 people work for the company, which currently operates in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Nirman Sathi Technovation Pvt. Ltd.

Nirman Saathi Technovation has been providing online and phone-based services for the home and office. The company’s main services have been cage treatment and interior design. The construction partner also offers a wide range of services, including architect, engineer, and plumber, as well as painter and interior designer. More than a thousand people have signed up for Nirman Saathi. It has been serving 5 to 10 people on a daily basis. The company is considering expanding its services to other cities, such as Kathmandu and Australia. The company, which is based in Old Baneshwor, has provided direct employment to more than ten people as well as service fees for dozens of others.

Puryau Services Pvt. Ltd.

Puryau Services is a Nepalese logistics firm. The company is attempting to open branches in 35 locations across the country. Small businesses, online retailers, and other businesses can use the company’s logistics services. The company claims to be able to deliver more than 500 items per day within 24 hours. The company employs a variety of software and tools, including an online and offline logistics management system. More than 35 people have been hired directly, and hundreds more have been hired for delivery services, according to the company.

Top 5 Products of F1Soft ICT Award 2021:


BugV is a bug bounty platform that connects businesses with security experts and researchers from all over the world. Researchers in cyber security can earn money by detecting flaws in the systems of BugV-affiliated businesses. The platform now connects dozens of online services and e-commerce businesses. By 2022, BugV intends to expand its services to Asia and raise A-Series funds, as well as enter the US market by 2025 and acquire Series B funds.

IMS Distribution Management System

IMS Distribution Management System is a comprehensive digital distribution solution. Sales management, accounting management, inventory control, report analysis, customer and supplier management, and API integration are all examples of these. As needed, services can be added. It’s a web-based platform that keeps track of and maintains all distributed goods from manufacturers to retailers. Both online and offline versions of the IMS Distribution Management System software are available. By integrating digital payment, it is currently being used in stores such as Bhatbhateni.


Mikha is a cutting-edge video collaboration tool. It offers virtual face-to-face service to keep in touch with customers. The product can be customized to meet VFSI requirements and scaled to any number thanks to the open API. Mikha provides customers with a virtual branch experience and allows them to conduct almost all banking transactions online. Multi-participant video calls, facial recognition system, integration, signature authentication, geolocation, and cloud-on-love recordings are just a few of Mika’s key features.


PlantSat is a free digital platform that can help farmers increase their yield and profits. The company combines climate and weather data with free satellite data to provide farmers around the world with real-time analyses in the form of color maps. This technology enables farmers to quickly recover from the crisis by maximizing agricultural profits while maintaining system flexibility in the face of future global crises. PlantSat allows farmers, researchers, and stakeholders to use color maps for crop monitoring, nitrogen fertilizer efficiency, water use efficiency, GPS routing, and communication with experts. PlantSat’s GPS routing software includes offline functionality, allowing users to access remote areas without the need for an Internet connection.


Sayak is an all-in-one software package. This makes writing in Nepali style much easier. Nepali typing, font conversion, spelling check, and a comprehensive dictionary are among the features. It’s a machine learning and natural language processing product. This service is currently offered at no cost. This product includes a Nepali Comprehensive Dictionary and a Nepali Language Resource Center. Thousands of regular users use the platform, including corporate news organizations, online news organizations, publishing houses, and government agencies.

Top 5 Rising Star Innovations of F1Soft ICT Award 2021:

Ask Mattrab

Ask Mattrab provides free educational resources for students all over Nepal. Ask Mattrab aims to close the digital learning gap by utilizing student-created content. You can also ask questions about Ask Mattrab if you don’t understand something. There are currently 30,000 monthly readers and 1,500 reading materials at Ask Mattrab. Ravin Kumar Kalikote, Pranish Khanal, Ishan Pant, Aakriti Karki, and Jun Shakya founded Ask Mattrab. There are currently 30,000 monthly readers and 1,500 reading materials on Ask Mattrab.

IoT based economic air purifier for the global south

The project is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for automated air purification systems. The attached display shows air quality measurements and activates automatically when pollution levels exceed the safe level. When the air quality reaches a safe level, this device turns off automatically. A server-based database is available for the project, which can be used to research, study, operate, and monitor local and regional data. Other modules, such as gas detectors, can be added to detect and alert people to harmful and chemical gases. This project includes Manoj Gurung, Kushal Bhandari, Srideep Kaini, Navneet Singh, and Ishan Pant.


Mushoor is working on a campaign to provide Nepalis with access to nutritious food that is both accessible and affordable. Mushoor is a fully automated IoT device for home harvesting. It keeps the device’s weather conditions stable. Mushoor uses cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT to produce mushrooms as needed. Lentils will help people be more productive, save time, and use less energy by developing technologies and ecosystems to improve the quantity and quality of food consumed. This project group includes Shishir Pant, Prashant Bhatt, Nirdesh Bhattarai, Soni Pokhrel, and Nischal Nepal.

Open Past Paper

Open Past Paper is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered exam management platform. This will allow you to quickly select the most important questions from thousands of others and prepare the question paper in a matter of seconds. It will come with a set of up-to-date question papers and, using AI technology, will complete the week-long task of selecting necessary and important exam questions in a short amount of time. It also makes it easier for the student to read the required chapters and answer the questions. This project includes Manish Gotame, Prashna Karmacharya, and Santosh Baral.

Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike is a phone application. This app was created to promote mountain biking in Nepal, which is becoming a more adventurous sport. Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure offers some of the best one-day biking trails through Rent a Bike. You can explore, download, and navigate the trails on your own for free. Digital maps, route information for popular biking trips, landmark information, offline maps, and mountain bike information are just a few of the features. It will also make renting a bike easier. This project’s team includes Anusandhan Pokharel Baibhav Bista, and Shrishti Shrestha. Espera is the name of their team.

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