webinarforAllNepal Series 7 Event Details

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2018)

WebinarforAllNepal is a free webinar series hosted by Tech enthusiasts. Where you can learn about numerous topics for free. Event Details of series 7 with its topics are mention below and if you are new for webinarforAllNepal then don’t forget to register & take part in the webinar show.

Best Way To Secure REST (API)

Speaker: Dev Raj Gautam

Most of the interchanges in the web are happening via REST API, and the growth of its use is happening exponentially proving it as a standard protocol for API.

With the increasing security threats, monitoring, protecting and preventing attacks is key and REST API security is of paramount importance. This session will focus on countermeasures and best practices to secure the Rest API.

Better Understanding in Object-Oriented Programming

Speaker: Chandan Gupta Bhagat

OOP agendas
Understanding Class and Objects
Polymorphism and Encapsulation
Understanding Interface
Extensions of classes
Event Handlers and Delegates.


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