WhatsApp Business reduces setup time from weeks to minutes

To streamline the company registration process and facilitate conversations between customers and companies, WhatsApp announced, during the F8 Refresh conference this Wednesday (2), the update of the WhatsApp Business API, whose features now allow configurations in five minutes—instead of the weeks required before implementation.

In addition, says the giant, there is an offer of more types of messages that corporate users can send to consumers and consumers (a new list includes ten automatic options, of which three can be predefined), as well as the expansion of the service window, greater than the previous 24 hours. Such measures, he argues, will optimize interactions.


Convenient and personal communication

Along with the news disclosed, the giant plans to make available to more types of audiences periodic updates sent by health authorities on the fight against the pandemic.

“We are excited about the launch of these improvements, as we want WhatsApp to be the most convenient and personal way of communication between customers and businesses,” he says.

Finally, he advises, to talk to a company, it is necessary to start the chat or request contact. The platform also cited new ways to provide details about experiences in the case of crashes.

Finally, WhatsApp says: “As always, people have full control over their conversations.”

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