Why RAM is necessary for Smartphones?

smartphone ram

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is very important as it holds data on your phone. The more RAM your smartphone has, the more applications you will have access to without facing any lag. RAM in mobile phones is primary memory that is easily accessible for processing information infraction, this increases the speed of your smartphone. Due to variants of heavy and complicated features and applications in a mobile phone, a higher capacity of RAM is useful to store this amount of ongoing process of application in a smartphone.

In our recent year, RAM has been increasingly extending beyond our personal computers and electronic sphere. With the hold of the right applications, your smartphone can do more than you think. We are in the age where even home appliances are smarter with the powerful chip installed, while some can talk to each other and your smartphone Via Wi-Fi connection.

IoT devices like a smart thermostat, motion-activated security camera, home security system, pet feeder, lightings, smart keys, and many more can be controlled and communicated through your smartphone. Things are made easier for us, but all this functionality requires more memory power in your smartphone. RAM is faster than your secondary memory, so it is vital to know the right amount of RAM needed for your smartphone to deliver your desired performance.

While comparing RAM options, device priority is the first thing you need to determine depending on your device. When your device has low RAM, the operating system will store the less needed background applications to secondary storage to make memory space available for your current application to work efficiently. While switching between the applications, the user will experience lagging and it’s time-consuming. To overcome this issue, you may need to manually clear your cache memory or have a cleaner application.

Having more RAM is better in a smartphone, to make its operating system run effectively. Limited RAM is often the cause of performance problems in many smartphones. Many phones having 1GB RAM make a real mess and their memory management is unable to keep up with the demand.

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Though a 2GB RAM is not sufficient for tech intelligence, it could be more than enough for somebody who likes to have a smartphone just for the minimal purpose. The only thing is that not a lot of applications can be kept running in the background at the same time. With low-mid range phone with an expected life of 2-3 years. It should be sufficient. Smartphones with 2GB to 3GB RAM will have more issues in having large applications like Facebook, Instagram loaded in the background.

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While a 4GB RAM is sufficient fie normal use and for playing basic games. But if you want to play games with intense graphics then you need 8GB- 12GB RAM through which you can instantly access your favorite game. Also, while video editing is one of the things you may have difficulty in doing with 4GB RAM on your smartphones. In reality, what usually remains is 2GB RAM after system apps and background apps take their share. For advanced users, 4GB RAM may not be enough.

With around 6GB RAM, multitasking becomes easier. If you are a power user who would take a photo, edit on the go and share it, or keep switching between tabs on the browser and a note-taking app, a 6GB RAM phone will be more helpful.

A basic user won’t need all that much RAM now that phones with 8GB and 12GB RAM are also available. More RAM is never too bad, especially if you are a heavy power user or tech-savvy. Also, more RAM is not always useful for a normal user, as you will be paying for the amount of RAM that will mostly remain unused.

4GB RAM is enough for web browsing, social media, and some popular games like PUBG mobile, Facebook and Instagram take anywhere between 100-300 MB of RAM depending on usages. The browser and video players like chrome and YouTube consume about 500MB depending on how many tabs are open and the quality of a video you are viewing. Anything over 4GB RAM should be enough for all but not heavy users.

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