WordPress Biratnagar giving back to the community: “Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship”

Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship

WordPress Biratnagar hosted an online session on Google Meet on June 12 to honor Ujwal Thapa and his contributions to WordPress Nepal. On that day, the session was formally started by remaining silent for a while and sharing each other’s wisdom and guidance, which he had given to many personnel who were present during the early days of WordPress Nepal.

The WordPress Biratnagar is gratified to announce that the Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship for WordCamp Biratnagar will be available in the upcoming dates. The WordCamp will be held in Biratnagar city. After the untimely death of WordPress contributor Ujwal Thapa in 2021, due to COVID-19. The Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship was ascertained. Ujwal was a dedicated patron to the WordPress community in Nepal, and the WordPress Biratnagar decided to pay applause to his memory in this way.

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Who was Ujwal Thapa?

Here’s a detailed article by WP Tavern.

Scholarship Details

The scholarship will cover:

– Travel to Biratnagar from within Nepal.

– Hotel stay for the duration of the event.

– A ticket to WordCamp Biratnagar.

– Local transportation.

– Meals outside the official event. 

The Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship is for those who are interested to attend WordCamp can apply.

Those who want to attend WordCamp can apply for the Ujwal Thapa Memorial Scholarship. Attendees must, however, be Nepalese. We believe that empowering community members is an excellent way to honor his memory and carry on his legacy. The selection criteria are still being discussed, but during the meeting, we mostly agreed to provide the scholarship for disabled people, people from lower-income families, and women with a strong interest in WordPress. Before requesting the scholarship, the WordPress Biratnagar community will consult with other WordPress leaders in Nepal during the WordCamp. It will be completely transparent, and the selection process will be efficient. Finally, the scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the current WordCamp Biratnagar organizers.

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