Xiaomi escalates 338th on the Fortune Global 500 List

Xiaomi has been included on the Fortune Global 500 list for the third consecutive year. The drastic leap in its ranking makes Xiaomi the fastest-growing company in the Internet and Retail Category. 

It has risen to 338th in 2021. The previous rank was 422nd in 2020. That is a significant upliftment of 84 places compared to its previous ranking.

Message From CEO:

“Compared to our past achievements, I’m more focused on our potential growth. Xiaomi is still a very young yet ambitious company, full of motivation. I’d like to sincerely thank our Xiaomi Fans around the world as your unwavering support has helped make Xiaomi so lively and energetic. I think that this is not the limit for Xiaomi, and I am confident that people will see an even stronger, more powerful Xiaomi in the future, and we will achieve a much more outstanding record in the Fortune Global 500 list next year.” Said Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi.

Earnings and Revenue:

On the basis of earning reports, the total revenue of Xiaomi measured up RMB 245.9 billion in 2020, making the company 338th on the Fortune list. Up to the first quarter report of 2021, the total revenue of Xiaomi summed up to RMB 76.9 billion which had escalated by 54.7% year over year. Correspondingly, the adjusted net profit equated to RMB 6.1 billion with a tremendous increment of 163.8% year over year. Xiaomi has exceeded the marked expectations by explosively escalating its revenue and net profit in comparison to 2020.

About Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is the leading smartphone, smart hardware, and electronic products manufacturing company. On the basis of smartphones shipments, it is ranked 3rd globally. The company makes most of its profits and revenue through smartphone sales.

Xiaomi has been enhancing its user experience by upgrading the related core technologies. It has built up its position in high-end market segments through its Mi 10 and Mi 11 series.

Global Shipment of Xiaomi:

The overall growth and its ranking on the global fortune 500 are also possible due to increment in global shipment.

In the first quarter of 2021, the global shipments of Xiaomi smartphones crossed 4 million. It became so by pricing RMB 3,000 or above in mainland China and pricing at 300 Euros and above in international markets.

Xiaomi announced second place in global shipments of smartphones with a 17 percent share, surpassing Apple on July 16. Overall, Xiaomi has crossed 300 percent year-on-year growth in the Latin American market, over 150 percent in Africa, and more than 50 percent in Western Europe.

Xiaomi smartphones have covered 100 markets worldwide, ranking number one in smartphone market share in 12 markets and ranking second in Europe. It has ranked number one in India for 15 consecutive quarters and has top rank in Nepal also.

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