Yeti Cloud- A platform as a service in Nepal


Yeti Cloud is the first platform as a service in Nepal. It is presented by DataHub.

DataHub is Nepal’s first commercial Datacenter and Cloud service provider.

Yeti Cloud provides a local billing system that facilitates payment in local currency. Its server is located in Nepal. So, the services possess high accuracy and fast access due to low latency. In addition, the services will get 24/7 support.

Some of the great features of the yeti cloud are:

  • High availability
  • Legacy+Micro services
  • Automatic Scaling
  • DevOps
  • Zero Downtime
  • Load Balancing
  • Easy management
  • Built in Monitoring
  • Supported Deployment
  • IaaS Capacity

Benefits of using Yeti Cloud:

Easy Deployment: You can easily deploy Node.js, PHP, Java, Ruby, Go, or Python applications to the cloud without code changes. Also, with the tools like Docker, GIT, SVN, or zip package and Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

Easy Scaling: Real-time vertical scaling and automatic horizontal scaling.

Easy Management: Easy web interface, application deployment, orchestration of server environments, configurations, log files, firewall, statistics, SSH connections, etc.

Let’s know about charging procedures of Yeti Cloud:

It uses a pay-per-use pricing model. So you only have to pay for the resources you consume.

The resources are divided into small units as cloudlets. Each cloudlet has 128 MB of memory and a 400MHz CPU. The storage can be increased when required. In the same way, it also can be reduced to optimal use by the Auto Scale system.

Furthermore, the system will issue a detailed report on the usage of each part. It is updated hourly for easy estimation and cost control. Similarly, a price ceiling can be set without worrying about spikes in traffic and costs will escalate.

Yeti Cloud is providing three months of free service to all IT Enthusiastic persons/ companies to host Websites and Applications.

To get more information about the offer and to Sign up for the services: Click Here

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