Frost & Sullivan Case Challenge Nepal 2018

Our Nepal is a developing country and yet has much more left to work in the field of development. In the present scenario, the rising problem of Nepal is pollution. Hence, an effort to eradicate the problem of pollution is being conducted jointly by NYEF and Frost & Sullivan Nepal. Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum(NYEF) forum has announced  “Innovate to Zero Open Defecation” #CaseChallenge2018 in Kathmandu. NYEF is a membership-based non-profit organization, established with an aim of creating outstanding entrepreneurs through idea exchange, fellowships, education, training and advocacy among the Nepali youth.
The main aim of this event is to eradicate open excretion and supply major sanitation reforms all over Nepal. It is also expected to encourage citizens to ideate and proposes #digital solutions that will enable Nepal to achieve its goal to eradicate #opendefecation. The effort is to eliminate open defecation across the many communities of Nepal.
Winning teams at 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions will be awarded Prize money worth US$1,000, US$500, and US$250, respectively. The submission of entries will be open till  18th July 2018.
Click the link to study the challenge in detail:  Frost-and-Sullivan-Case-Challenge-Nepal
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