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TechPatro has been in service since 2018. Here’s what you should know about us.


In 2016, founder Siddhant Mandal with his friend Shiv Ratan Sah started Online Hacker News which soon happened to be a startup company. Running from Province 1 (Eastern Nepal), OHN soon received the top 10 innovative product awards in ICT Award 2017.

The name “Online Hacker News”, was too confusing for the Nepali audience soon the name was changed to TechPatro in 2018. Earlier ‘OHN’ and now TechPatro launched the first-ever Technology related news app in Nepal. Currently, TechPatro is a nationwide portal covering all types of news related to technology nationally and internationally.

About Us

As sound travels fastest in solids, tech news travels fastest via TechPatro. Our team is full of tech enthusiasts who are ready to give our every bit of knowledge and hard work to deliver the quality and quantity you need and keep you up to date.

Why us?

TechPatro was started to bring shrewdness, keep yourself up-to-date about what’s happening in the tech world, our opinion is unbiased, also we help you choose the best product according to your needs.

Siddhant Mandal

Founder & CEO at Techpatro

He is the Founder and CEO of TechPatro. He loves to write and share about technology-related stuff. Get in touch with him, @PirateSiddhant

Rakhee Deo

Senior Content Writer at TechPatro

A computer engineer who adores writing about technology from the past four years. Recently, she is scribbling about WordPress (Themes/Plugins) as a freelancer. Get in touch with her, @Rakhee_Deo

Shiv Ratan Sah

Co-Founder at Techpatro

He is highly motivated person in the team manages all the operational activities and make sure that the team functionality. Get in touch with him, @shivratanshah

Priyam Khanal

Designer & Developer at TechPatro

Priyam Badha Khanal is a tech enthusiast and a hobbyist designer and developer. She designs that you see everything on TechPatro. Connect with her, @PiratePriyam

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Feel easy to reach us. For any queries, you can reach out to us via our Facebook page fb.com/TechPatro or mail us at [email protected][dot]com.

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