CIAA responsible for delayed 4G expansion according to NTC

Recently, the minister of information and communications, Mr. Gokul Baskota has informed that the inquiry made by CIAA(Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority) has become the major hindrance for Nepal Telecom (NTC)’s 4G expansion plan to run 4G internet service nationwide. The inquiry “anti-graft body’s” has been lingering since long. NTC has launched 4G service in Nepal for the first time yet it is unable to expand 4G service beyond Kathmandu and Pokhara.
According to Baskota, “The inquiry should not be carried out in such a way that it affects the entire 4G expansion plan of NT.” On the meeting of Upper House today, queries were asked about obstructing NTC from expanding its 4G service, Baskota showed the inquiry of CIAA as a major hindrance.
On this regard, the CIAA officials have informed to resolve the inquiry as soon as possible. Talking about NCELL, it has expanded 4G service to around 20 cities of Nepal on May 2017. NTC also had already called for a global tender to expand 4G but CIAA took all the files related with 4G service suspecting involvement of anomalies in the process.
Baskota also committed to taking action against those telecommunication service providers who haven’t submitted the interconnection charge yet.