Facebook New Policy to Bans “Dangerous Individual” for Hate Speech

Facebook New Policy to Bans “Dangerous Individual” for Hate Speech

Facebook started its new policy to ban individuals for their bad speech. In this policy, Facebook is banning Alex Jones and other politically controversial individuals for hating and violating its policy. Similarly, it also removes the sites of some political personalities. Some of such individual are Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer.

The Company also removes Jones’ site, Infowars, as it shares bad and illegal theories. This latest bans from the Facebook company is for Facebook main service as well as Instagram. The main aim of this ban is to remove all those violating pages and peoples. Such people are sharing and promoting unacceptable material like hate, racism, and anti-semitism.

Whether it is political personality or celebrity, the company will remove its social network account, pages, group as well as events. Besides this all, Facebook sends an alert message before removing an individual account. This is advantageous for the user, as they get time to turn their fans and follower to other site location and channel.

As per CNBC report, Alex Jones creates his new account after getting news about the ban. The reason behind this is his invalid and contrast theories about the Sandy Hook school shooting and hosted Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes on his show.

According to Dipayan Ghosh, a former Facebook executive and an Internet policy expert at Harvard, this ban is its existing policy which was not following yet.

The new account which is banned by Facebook is violating against its policies. Facebook said that it will also band who are going to support such violating individuals.

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