Foodmandu data breach: Cyber Bureau caught 19 years old hacker Mr. Mugger

From Foodmandu to Vianet’s data breach along with different government sites defacement that was held befofe and during lockdown 2020. A big question was raised in the security sector of Nepali, IT industry. Under Cyber Bureau, Bhotahiti special investigation team “Hackers Hunt”, the team finally was able to caught the Hacker of Foodmandu’s data breach.

The hacker is from Nawalparasi west Sunwal metropolitan city currently living at Kathmandu-26, Ranibari of aged 19 named Dinesh Tiwari according to the press release from the officials.

The voilated data breach was under electronic law 2063 chapter-9. Foodmandu had suffered a security breach with over 50K user records stolen from the food delivery company’s database. The stolen information has an email addresses, personal phone numbers, longitude/latitude (Geo Points), names, location of customers on the night of Saturday on March 7th, 2020.