Google I/O Extended Biratnagar 2019

Google I/O is a Google developer conference which is being held annually with information about new products and services. Google i/o stands for input/output as well as the slogan “innovation in the open.” The first Google I/O conference was held back in 2008. The main aim of Google I/O is to give knowledge about all the google platform including android, youtube, and chrome to the attendance one. The conference provides a feature of hand on labs. By this one who attends the meeting will come to know whether they had learned something from the expert or not.

The event is live at Google official Event site map.
The event is live at the Google official Event site map.

In the past, the company used the event to announce significant new products and services including google music streaming service and a new version of the Android operating system. Google i/o 2019 will be held on May 7, 2019, at PUSET College, Biratnagar. There is a chance of revealing the features of Android Q in this upcoming annual event. Google I/O is one of the conferences which provides a better platform for all the learners. Interested people can get details of new products and services, especially of Google. Recently Google announced its first gaming cloud Stadia which will be very fruitful for all gamers. Also, according to rumors Pixel 3a, Picel 3a XL which would cost around $400 & $500 accordingly will be announced.

In this conference, All those gaming clouds, android services, new products will be explained. In instance, Google Stadia will be a game streaming service that will make it probable for users to play AAA games on any display device that can be connected to the internet, these include, the smartphone, tablet, PC and a TV. Also, All the possible new hardware will be described to people in this conference. Many events related to this will be announced later in many places. To promote the IT Sector of Nepal, all these events are officially organized by different IT professionals.

Here in Biratnagar, Organized by East IT Community, Event Managed By TechPatro – tech for maniac, Supported by different companies/startups: Network Solutions, IT Service Nepal, Paaila Technologies, Professional Accounting Solution Service – PASS, Binwary, & Paaila Jobs. The event is going to gather all the tech enthusiast, local developers, tech companies & tech expert all working in tech using at fascinating degree Google Product and Services for their day to day life. The event will cover sharing knowledge from seniors to juniors, talk on many topics like Flutter, Material Design, AI, Android, Viewing Party, etc. Also, the showcase of products what local tech companies have built. The event will also have the excitement of giveaways.

For those who can’t make it to the event, they can watch Google I/O from this link:

Venue: PUSET Engineering College, Biratnagar
Time: 8 P.M.- 1 A.M.
Date: Tuesday, May 7
Requirements: Registered one will get superiority
Registration Link:

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