Import of Smartphones Increasing Rapidly in Nepal: Report

In Nepal, Smartphone users are increasing rapidly. Hence, the rate of import also increases. This year about the worth of 25 Arab mobiles was imported into Nepal.

In the year 2073/2074, mobiles worth of total 22 Arab 66 crore rupees is imported. According to the customs department, a total rupees of 24 Arab 87 crore of mobile phones have been brought this year and 2 lakh 67 thousand mobile phones have been increased since last year. Last year, the total no. of mobile phones have increased up to 62 lakh 23 thousand and the import of mobile has been increased by 5% last year. Before last year, the increase rate of mobile phones was 19 percent.

The mid-range budget of Nepal is increasing day by day. Since it is on different ranges everybody can buy it either people from good or poor economic condition. Most of the people here buy phones that range from 10 thousand to 30 thousand. Because of more mobile buyers in Nepal, different brands of mobiles are imported. Most smartphones are sold in markets. Some of the popular mobiles used by Nepalese user are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Gionee, colors, Micromax, LG, Lenovo, Lava, Sony, CG and many more. Along with adults, old people are also using smartphones which definitely leads to an increase in the demand for it.

Nepal import mobile phones from many countries among which China comes at first and India comes at third. Last year, most of the mobiles were imported from China. According to the custom report, 14 lakhs 13 thousands of mobiles are imported only from China. During import, Nepal has paid only tax worth of 2 Arab 67 crore rupees.

After China, Nepal brings many mobile phones from a country called Vietnam. About 5 lakh 10 thousand mobiles were brought to Nepal last year which cost the total of 4 Arab 72 crore of rupees. Likewise, India is the third country where Nepal import mobile phones the most. Within 1 year, 2 lakh 95 thousands of mobile sets are being brought to Nepal from India. The government has taken tax of only rupees 5 crores 14 lakh while bringing from India. Apart from these countries, Nepal also buys mobile phones from America, Korea, etc. at a cheap price.

Hence, smartphones user are increasing day by day, let’s hope the smartness of technology on people will also increase in near future.

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