Nepal First Digitized Robotics Restaurant: Naulo

Kathmandu, place with emerging technologies and their practices. Recently, Naulo the first digitized robotics restaurant in Nepal has implant waiter robots. With the slogan of “where food meets technology” Naulo restaurant has changed the total pattern of business too.

Naulo is the brainchild of Nepalese robotics and AI company Paaila Technology. Designed as a complete digital robotics restaurant with innovative technology. At Naulo, you can order food right from your table embedded with touch screens and wait for the robots built in Nepal to serve you.

About Robot and Digital Table:

Ginger-the waiter robot designed and manufactured in Nepal by Paaila Technology. According to the paila technology, Ginger is powered with swarm intelligence, object recognition, speech recognition and synthesis, auto-dock ability. However, Ginger robot also work in coordination with each other serving you food and interacting with you. Hence, it provides delight to the environment by bringing you cutlery. There are total 5 robots at customers service right now.

Naulo also replaces the traditional paper menu with digital screens which are attached to tables. You can now browse through the menu on the screen and make orders of food right away without waiting for a waiter to show up.

So, if you are in Kathmandu and have some plans with friends why don’t you visit Naulo. It is located in First Floor, Capital Mall, Durbar Marg.

Lastly, what do you say guys this type of technology should be implemented in each sector of business or not? As we know only the possible way to develop the country is to develop technology first.

More about Ginger robots work: