Nepal Government offices on Twitter. Will it be Fruitful to us??

Twitter is one of the most used social media by almost citizens of Nepal as well as the world.
Our Nepal’s prime minister as well as the cabinet of “Hello Government” has decided that Twitter should be used by every governmental office of Nepal to provide better service and helps for the local people living here. As per the government orders, all the social office has launched Facebook in their offices before.
As per secretary Upadhyaya, in order to run Twitter for all the offices, the government has already started to work on the plan “Governmental Twitter account procedures 2075”. Upadhyaya also said, “we are implementing this plan in order to deliver the news of offices as fast as possible along with Facebook”. Also added, most of the officer have their account as per their way, so this plan is made to bring all their accounts similar in one way. He also declares to run this plan soon and will be providing order to all the government officials to conduct a Twitter account of their office.

Requirements for an official Twitter account:
1. The logo of the account should be only of the government or of their office.
2. The main page of account should comprise the photo that includes all the pieces of information as well as the motto of the office.
3. The main page must be attractive and helpful to others.

Rules for the account:
1. The account should be used regularly.
2. The user of the Twitter account should be mentioned.
The plan includes all the details about like share, tweet, retweets, replies that come on Twitter.