NxtGen conducted a webinar on COVID-19 preparedness for students completed successfully

NxtGen organized ‘COVID 19 Preparedness For students’, a webinar intended to prepare undergraduate students for upcoming uncertain times due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sujen Shrestha, Sponsor Manager from NxtGen greeted present speakers, attendee, and partners including Genese Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a cloud partner who is contributing $100 worth of AWS Credit and Genese Cloud Academy Study Materials and Videos. Admit Kard as abroad studies counseling partner providing virtual counseling to 200 students for 1 year, 10% discount on  GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS online course materials from Princeton Review to 100 students plus a personalized profile assessment report for all the attendees of the event and we TechPatro covering NxtGen latest updates for the interested fellows.

Latterly, the event was moderated by Biplab Karki appended welcome remarks by President of NxtGen, Jay Kishan Panjiyar.

Heeding toward, Addressing all the attendees through webinar platform that was streamed on Google Meet, starting from Piyush Bhartiya, Co-Founder of Admit Kard, India who addressed how foreign education scenario has changed due to pandemic of COVID-19, responded by three-phase of answers.

  1.  In point of view of both students and parents, education is something that we can’t put on hold. 
  2. The choice of destination country and city that is significantly changing, right now students are focusing to go to larger cities where they are prioritizing medical facilities
  3. According to him, Nobody wants to go their plans away, but there is going to be a delay in the plans of the students where international travel is banned and government-directed universities to close. 

Binay Devkota, CEO of Clock B Business Innovations shared in the topic Business & Jobs, “With the crisis, many opportunities arise. He also shared that it’s the time to identify the underline opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs that lie within the crisis and take action. There are many companies like fintech, health tech, e-commerce, logistics, etc. adding new aspects to their business right now in the current pandemic situation.”

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Mr. Aryal is the President at King’s College, in the topic Ideation, he shared we lack preparedness for this kind of situation. Our education system spoon feeds this process before if we want to learn something we used to learn from the people systematically this pandemic broke the chain. He further added education institute will be last to open even after the lockdown is over in the meantime how we can utilize the time at the moment by learning courses from a platform like Coursera, get involved into communities that you are interested in, collab and exchange services, find a mentor, read books and so on.

Er. Mahendra Raj Dhital, Assistant Dean of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University shared on the topic Academics, Mr. Dhital seems very positive for the institute to go online (Digital), now and in near future, he added we have to break the chain of the traditional education system and prepare for the worst that may come ahead.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic tidies over the world, it is effecting extensive interest, fear, and stress, all of which are natural and normal reactions to the growing and unpredictable situation that everyone finds themselves in.  Dr. Ganga Pathak, Professor of Psychology at Tri- Chandra College and the Chief Psychologist at the National Institute of Psycho-Educational Counselling shared in the topic of Mental Health, what are the ways to stay productive and get motivated instead of getting depressed. She further added that human being possesses exceptional powers of strength and solidarity that’s why we must strive to concentrate on to acknowledge most efficiently to this crisis as individuals, family and community members, and friends.

The team behind this successful webinar: A huge congratulations for bringing this sort of event for the students in the community.

  1. Jay Kishan Panjiyar, President
  2. Anisha Adhikari, Media Manager
  3. Bibek Mallik, PR Manager
  4. Biplab Karki, Technical Manager
  5. Nirdesh bhattarai, Marketing Manager
  6. Akash Sarraf is the curator of the event. Creative Director of NxtGen
  7. Anjil Bishwokarma, Graphics Designer
  8. Apekshya Ghimire, Social Media Head
  9. Aman Gupta, Event Manger
  10. Sujen Shreshta, Sponsor Manager
  11. Sagar Shrestha, Chief Correspondent

In case you missed it, Watch Full Webinar here:

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