Sikai Chautari: E-learning portal by Nepal Government, Study Materials from class 1 to 10

Nepal Government launched Sikai Chautari, an e-learning portal that provides study materials from classes 1 to 10. Nepal government has accepted a considerable initiative with this learning portal making all resources available free for everyone. We all are undergoing the pandemic Coronavirus worldwide. People are not able to go outside for work or study. The atmosphere whole over the world has disturbed. Not only physically or mentally, but we are also becoming weak economically. Among all one of the most important parts of our life, the education system has affected very badly. With schools and colleges shut down due to the coronavirus lockdown, self-study is the model now more active than ever.

As we know, all the board exams are on hold. All the schools and colleges are closed. Students are not able to get their study material neither getting a proper education. Students are the future of the nation, isn’t it? If they suffer like this, what will be our future? After thinking a lot about that, the government has started the concept of online learning. Several schools and colleges have already started that via video conferencing and school/college management systems. Also, for the students at the school, the government of Nepal has brought an amazing study material called Sikai Chautari.

Sikai Chautari, a great shift towards e-learning.


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Concept of Sikai Chautari

Sikai Chautari is an online platform launched by the Nepal government. Here you can get all the study material from grade 1 to 10. Due to COVID-19, students and teachers are going through long-drawn Lockdown. Since its duration has extended from time to time, students have to face huge losses in their studies.

After several discussions, the Education and Human Resource Development Center have launched the concept of Sikai Chautari under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Ministry of Education Science and Technology Materials

Importance of Sikai Chautari

Since it is an online study material, students can get their notes and syllabus at their home without going anywhere. Consequently, it has several advantages, here have a look:

  • Students can get proper notes at their home.
  • The site includes proper study material like videos, sports, books, images, and many others.
  • Contain engaging materials for students.
  • It also includes audiobooks, PDF Notes, and several visual demos.


Ministry of Education Science and Technology Video

Henceforth, Sikai Chautari could be the best option during the lockdown period over COVID-19 initiated by the Nepal government. It is both cost-effective and safe. Dear parents, make your child prepare for e-learning and give them a proper education environment without going outside. This will maintain both social distancing and will be in favor of lockdown.

I love this concept, and I hope you will love it too. I am sure Sikai Chautari will get huge engaging students. Because of this amazing concept, now all the students can get proper study material and prepare their syllabus. Study well and hope for a better situation over the world.

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