Sunwal Municipality inaugurated first “SmartPalika” of Province 5

To make the overall public technology-friendly and increase its reach towards information and technology, Sunwal Municipality has launched its Digital LG Profile and eGovernance Framework. It had launched after extensive digital surveys and data analysis. Within the technical assistance of Cellapp Innovations Pvt. Ltd. and SmartPalika, Sunwal Municipality was inaugurated the first ‘SmartPalika’ from Province 5.

The program was conducted under the chairmanship of Mr. Manoj Bhattarai, CEO, SmartPalika, and Mr. Bhim Bahadur Chhetri, who is the mayor of Sunwal Municipality, was the Chief Guest within the program. He distributed Certification of Appreciations to 65 volunteers who were involved within the Digital Data Collection Survey. “The introduction of Digital eGovernance Framework won’t only increase the overall public’s reach towards information and technology but also limit the communication gap between the representatives and therefore the general public. It eventually establishes us as an effective and efficient Smart Municipality”, the mayor mentioned. According to Vice Mayor Mr. Dadhiram Aryal, all municipality work will now be digital and no later than next year, everyone is going to be given a chip card to assist facilitate in hassle-free service to be provided to the overall public.

The digital survey, data verification, and overall development of the system were conducted under the supervision of Mr. Bibash Mahat, Campaign Director, SmartPalika. With support from Mr. Khemraj Awasthi from Sunwal Municipality, the system may be a result of quite 1 year of diligence of the event team, volunteers, and everybody related to the project. The program was hosted by Mr. Rajananda Mandavya, Relationship Manager, SmartPalika. During the program, Mr. Manoj Bhattarai presented the audience with an indication of how the administration should use the system. He also mentioned that SmartPalika is usually able to help implement proper technology to the local level to empower them with technology. Currently, SmartPalika is functioning with over 110 local governments of Nepal with its technology and consultation services. During the pandemic, SmartPalika designed and distributed the ‘Covid-19 Management and Tracking System’ to quite 70 local governments freed from cost!