Tambo Mobile Phones in Nepali Market

There are lots of mobile brands found in Nepal. Recently, a new mobile phone brand named “Tombo” has arrived in Nepal’s market. So Let’s know about it.
“Tambo Mobile is a brand of latest technology-driven mobile phone company catering masses with its best-featured mobiles at affordable prices.”

The Tambo mobile brand is now at Nepali market. In the market, Shankaracharya Pvt. Ltd mobile authority will officially import and sell it. In the first phase, These smartphones and feature phones of limited model phones are distributed in the market.

The company has 6 model bar phones and 2 model smartphones. Two smartphone models TA2 and TA3 are going to the public at the cheap and affordable price. These mobile phones of the Tambo brand will be found on market at the price range above Rs 1,000. The company said that all models of the phone will have a 200-day replacement warranty and a 365-day screen replacement.

All smartphones available in Nepal’s Tambo Mobile are equipped with Face Recognition, fingerprints sensors, and premium smartphone phones. These phones also have features like  4G support, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, headphone etc.

So, if your budget is tight and needs a smartphone then it could be the better option.

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