World’s largest smartphone manufacturing facility opened by Samsung in India, Aims to double the production

Samsung, which is the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer company, has opened a new factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is said to be the largest mobile factory in the world. It will be officially inaugurated today by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The factory is located in Sector 81 in Noida and has estimated a production of 120 million units in a month. The factory used to produce 50 million units before it was expanded. Times of India reported that there are 70,000 employees working for the company.

The smartphone giant is aiming to increase the overall production capacity by 50 percent. The expansion was announced in June of last year with an investment of Rs 4,915 crore allocated to expand the facility. After just one year, the company is all set to double the production. Along with smartphones, Samsung aims to double the production of other consumer electronic products like refrigerators and TVs.

A company official said that “The new unit has come upon an additional 35 acres adjacent to the current facility. It will double the production capacity of both mobile phones and refrigerators. The components will be assembled in Noida facility. There will be some labor-intensive functions, which will generate a number of jobs. Besides, the unit will also give rise to ancillary companies in the city.”