Accounting System of All 753 Local Level Server is Hacked

Since the long-time server for managing the local level accounting system was corrupted. It is not happening at one or two accounting server but the accounting server whole over Nepal was corrupted.  After observing it, its affiliated authorities came to a decision and according to them, all the servers are hacked.

Because of this hacking, all the data records from Shrawan of last year are destroyed which leads to the corruption od data of the accounting system of the 753 local level server.

Annapurna Post Daily reports that police have started investigating the against the alternation of the software subnational treasury regulatory application ‘Sutra’ under the control of the Auditor General.

Public Expenditure and Financial Responsibility (PEFA) has implemented the formula from 2075/76 to manage the reserves of local and state governments.  Mr. Niraj KC, Deputy Inspector of the Auditor General’s Office says, “The server has been hacked since Thursday night”. But while asking with some local level, they said that the deterioration has started from the second week of November.

On the cabinet meeting held on 2075/1/23, they decided to apply the “Sutra” at all local levels. Inspector KC says, “We have informed about the disturbance that occurred in “Sutra” to the local and state governments”.  He also added that “Previous year we lost all the data after the month of Shrawan”. Although we have pulled out a data up to Mangsir. About a month’s worth of data has been destroyed.

Auditor General Mr. Gopinath Mainali said that he had already written a letter to the Central Police Bureau of Investigation (CIB) they will investigate it soon. CIB spokesman Mr. Bel Bahadur Pandey says, ” We are investing about the “Sutra” hacking and soon we will solve this issue.”

Source – ThahaKhabar