Bhumi Sushaasan (भूमि सुशासन) – An app that can help you with the problems related to land custom office and its rules

The government of Nepal has launched a mobile app to provide complete information on the land. The Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Co-operative have bought applications using ‘land good governance’. This app is developed by a company called “NAXA“. All information regarding the services of the ministry will be available on the app.

Joint Secretary of Agriculture, Land Management and Co-operative Ministry, Mr. Jankaj Joshi informed that the land laws are also included in the app. The information on land measurements is included in the map.

There is an arrangement for downloading the format of applications submitted in the offices of land customs, measurement, and municipality. The app has tried to solve problems related to land customs to normal citizens. Answers are collected in a single place by adding repeatedly to the most frequently raised inquiry about land.

The terms of land are kept in both Nepali and English languages. Details of the address of the office of the land custom and measurement are included in it. The land service is important for a common citizen. This app provides information on land-related offices and various services provided from there and the way to find the office you need. Also, this app has land measurement calculator calibrated according to land measurement system of Nepal.

The app can be downloaded from here Bhumi Sushaasan (भूमि सुशासन).