Thursday, July 18, 2024
git and github by nikhil gupta in puset college

Exploring the Realm of Form Control:Git and GitHub Preparing Session at PUSOE/PUSAT College

Within the fast-evolving scene of innovation, capability in adaptation control frameworks has ended up crucial for yearning designers and prepared experts alike. Recognizing this...

WordPress Biratnagar Meetup April – SEO for Beginners

This time WordPress Biratnagar came up with new series of topics i.e. SEO for Beginners. With this topic, the team ensures to come up...

Cubes in Space NASO 2021 will be organized for Nepali students

Continuing our campaign to promote steam education in Nepal, we are organizing 'Cubes in Space NASO 2021' for the first time in Nepal in...

Hult Prize: Kathmandu Impact Summit 2021 from April 23rd (Baishakh 10th)

Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021 Considered as the Noble Prize for students, the Impact Summit of Hult Prize is occurring for the first time...

WordPress Biratnagar February Meetup Online, Feb 27, 2021

WordPress Biratnagar is going to organize another meetup online on February 27th of this month. Though physical meetups are coming back to reality the...

‘Together for Digital Education’ is organized successfully on the occasion of ‘Digital Learning Day.’

Digital Learning Day is being celebrated worldwide ever since February 2012 to advocate for innovative digital education and access for students all around the...

WordPress Kathmandu brings discussion on WordPress and Beyond

Kathmandu Feb 20, This WordPress Kathmandu February brings discussion on WordPress and Beyond During Covid19 Pandemic, WordPress Kathmandu has been hosting their meetups online but...

KU HackFest 2021: Prize Announcement, Deadline, and Details

In our recent post, we posted about KU HackFest 2021 where it is a 48-hour long international digital hackathon being organized by the Kathmandu...

SHODH YATRA: A journey in quest of potential researchers | 12th Jan in Kathmandu

Kathmandu 11 JAN: SHODH YATRA is a journey in search of potential researchers. The event is being carried by Mr. Akash Deo, Executive Director...

KU HackFest 2021: MLH international digital hackathon about to happen!

What is KU hackfest 2021? KU HackFest 2021 is a 48-hour long international digital hackathon being organized by the Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) on...

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