Download the updated Pixel Launcher from the Google Pixel 4 

Several new software features are launched by Google’s Pixel 4. Among all those, there is a launcher which supports a new gesture. You can download launcher for your device with this Pixel 4.

There is a pre-installed pixel launcher on Google Pixel 4 which comes with a new gesture. In this, whenever you swipe down on the blank portion of the home screen, it pulls down the notification tray. This is an amazing feature of pixel 4 which is very useful in the case when google is ditching the rear-facing fingerprint sensor. It is available in any device in exchange for Face Lock.


Even you have current Pixel phones, you can bring amazing changes with this Pixel Launcher. This change will be worthwhile for you. To get this change, you can visit here for the updated pixel launcher from Pixel 4. This APK will work for any pixel devices as it is directly extracted from pre-release Pixel 4

This version may cause some issue if the user disables the home gesture. But you can fix this issue with the help of back gesture which helps you to come back to the launcher.

In some of the Android 10 Phones like OnePlus 7 Pro or Essential phones, it will not work perfectly due to lack of some modification.

Some of the specifications of Pixel 4 are:

  • Pixel Launcher will support a home screen gesture to access notifications on Pixel 4
  • you can get a new ‘Recorder’ app from the Google Pixel 4
  • you can download Google ‘Styles & wallpapers’ app from the Pixel 4