Iflix and Himalayan Java Coffee on partnership

Iflix (a subscription Video On Demand (VOD) service which is focused on emerging markets whose global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Himalayan Java Coffee(the first Speciality Coffeehouse in Nepal, which excels in quality and customer service) have recently announced their partnership.
Talking about iflix, it was launched in Nepal as the executive telco partner of Ncell in 2017 in the month of October. Similarly, Himalayan Java coffee is doing its business in Kathmandu since 1999.

About partnership:
The partnership is all about providing 2-months free unlimited access to iflix to the customers of Himalayan Java with the addition of a month-long trial period. This offer started on the 17th of July.

The main aim of this partnership is to increase the popularity of iflix, a VOD.

More detail:
The customers of Himalayan Java Coffee will get its voucher code at 16 locations in different locations and with that voucher code, the customers will get unlimited access to iflix content. .

According to the chairman of Java, Mr. Gagan Shrestha, the discussion for this partnership had begun already about a few months ago and added, “since the interests of both companies are aligned, they were delighted to offer iflix vouchers from their outlets in Kathmandu.”
“iflix has added more western contents, iflix original shorts, exclusive Korean catalog and also Bollywood contents as per the Country Lead of its”, said by Bhawana Ghimire. Moreover, this offer will be valid till 16th of Aug from all outlets of Himalayan Java.