Nepal First Software Meet Up #1

Let me tell you what this software meet up is?

This meet up is Nepal 1st meet up for the software industry in Nepal along with the overall IT scenario in Nepal to discuss the problem, and consequences for the uprising of Nepal in the tech community which helps us to make #digitalNepal. This meets up is hosted by ICTFRAME which is the online magazine available since 2014 led by a woman Mrs. Mina Aryal. This online magazine has been working to uplift the tech environment in Nepal as an example of women in technology which has gained much popularity.

The main focus of this software meet up is to know the gap between fresher and professional. As every year many IT students get graduated and could not find the way and a bit lost even though there is a lot of possibilities to grow and prosper. Not only students many IT companies could not find a way to improve and to be a success. And to minimize this scenario ICT FRAME has lead this meetup which will be launched on National ICT DAY which is on 2nd May.

To maintain the view and scenario of all people ICT FRAME has included the large scale industry leaders, medium level professionals, and startups as well. This will help us to make plan knowing the idea of leaders and sharing experience, opportunities, expertise, and skills on the various aspects regarding their working boundaries. Also, the graduated IT students and newcomers can learn from the professional, experienced leaders to uplift their dreams, and difficulties so that they can prepare themselves for the work they are heading for. ICT FRAME has planned to organize this event every month, and the report shall be submitted to the Nepal government body.

The only way to uplift the nation is to uplift the software industry concerning the business industry. The motive of this meet up is to see the Nepalese economy and market status boom with the rightful share of the software industry as it is happening worldwide.
So this event helps to make the proper decision, to choose the path needed for the Nation. ICT FRAME has been supported by npCert, National ICT Council, Centre For Cyber Security Research and Innovation, One Cover Pvt. Ltd., Tech Sathi, Tech Portal and tech patro for this event.

Venue: Softwarica College Of IT & E-Commerce (Block C)
Time: 11 am to 1 pm
Date: Friday, 26th April 2019