Rebranding Instagram and WhatsApp is Facebook’s latest terrible idea

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)

In the previous days, some terrible information was reported that Facebook is rebranding “from Facebook” to Whatsapp and Instagram. This has become very sensational news and it may introduce branding disaster.

In response to this decision, Facebook management claims that it will bring brand unity and affinity. But this is bringing a type of negative sentiment both within the company and outside. It is obvious that their new association give them pleasure once the manufacturer is received. But on the other side, Instagram and WhatsApp have had years of operating as quite impartial firms.

Such changes may not provide a favorable effect on the baseline of Facebook. So the question is, why to bring such variations?  One of the Facebook spokespeople, Bertie Thomson mentioned, “We need to be clearer in regards to the services which are a part of Fb.”

It is like Facebook is entering upon a rebrand if you take it in the sense of displaying cohesive unity. It wants to achieve cross-platform messaging capability by 2020. There are three independent teams; the back-end layers and development teams, currently operating. These three unite for weaving a tight-knit tapestry of apps and services.

Adding “from Facebook” to Instagram and WhatsApp’s branding may not the right way to approach altering public perception of the brand. Still yet various people are not known about that Instagram is owned by Facebook and the relationship of WhatsApp to Facebook.

With this all there is still time to correct this branding. With some targeted ads, Facebook can check their assumptions to know the viewpoint of their audience.

The strength of any brand depends upon the global audience. In this Democracy where it is important to know what your user seeking, adding “from Facebook” won’t change their opinion. So Facebook needs to take smart action for fruitful result and to restore the user trust.


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