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digital wallet psp and pso

List of Non-BFIs licensed as PSP and PSO in Nepal 2078 | TechPatro

In Nepal, there are 14 different types of digital wallets. They operate under the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) license. They are also known as...
digital wallets in nepal

Emerging Digital Wallets in Nepal | TechPatro

Technologies of today’s world have led to the digitization of every possible thing including money. A cashless economy is a goal of many countries...

Khalti Partners with City Express for Online Money Transfer Service

Khalti is a popular digital wallet as well as a payment gateway in Nepal. With this, you can make your payments online. It offers...
Khalti-Bhatbhateni tide-up

Khalti Partners with Bhatbhateni Group to Enhance the Money Transfer Service

Digital Wallet is the best medium to keep your money safe and to make your payment more convenient. Khalti, one of the popular Digital...

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