techWebinar series-19 to be conducted on Project Management session from Industry Experts

Topic: Obeya Room – The Performance Booster for Agile Transformation

Sudha Khandelwal
Agile Coach, Mashreq Bank
Dubai, UAE

Sudha is an experienced Agile Coach. She has around 18 years of industry experience. For the past few years, her primary focus is on Agile and its Scaling with Continuous improvement. She is a strong believer in the growth mindset and very active in the Agile community meetups around the world. Always willing to share information with fellow Agile enthusiasts.

– Introduction to Obeya
– History behind
– Construct of an Obeya?
– Benefits of using an Obeya?
– Obeya Room examples
– Virtual Obeya
– Where all we can use Obeya

Topic: A Beginner’s Guide to Product Management

Rhishikesh Nepal
CSPO® | LSM® | Product Owner & Senior Business Analyst eXtensoData
F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd

1. What is Product Management
2. How is Product Management different from Project Management
3. Scopes of Product Management
4. Agile & Scrum- From the point of view of a Product Manager
5. 5 Key lessons learnt as a Product Manager, working in various IT projects in Nepal
– Understand the power of No
– You are not the customer
– The right time to listen to the customer
– Meaning of “Yes” from the customer
– Your goal is to advocate for a healthy organization

Topic: My Experience Making People Around me Comfortable When Using Agile and Scrum Frameworks.

Fernanda Martínez
Certified Scrum Professional, ScrumMaster ( CSP-SM)
Isthmus Software
Costa Rica

The Why?
The How?
The What?

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