‘Together for Digital Education’ is organized successfully on the occasion of ‘Digital Learning Day.’

Digital Learning Day is being celebrated worldwide ever since February 2012 to advocate for innovative digital education and access for students all around the world. It is a day to unleash innovative and progressive thinking in terms of the teaching sector in the classroom using special digital technology in education.

The Neema Education Foundation launched Digital Learning Day two years ago (2019/2075) to provide an important platform for educators, developers, digital infrastructure stakeholders, and inventors. This is our small effort to connect the educational future with digital technology, share ideas, and spread awareness in innovative digital learning.

This year the organization came up with a new program to raise awareness of digital education in people. They conducted this year’s Digital Learning Day specials on February 25, 2021, with the slogan ‘Together for Digital Education’. This year’s event has Neema Academy as the main organizer, Living with ICT, and Sochware as the respective co-organizers. The program is in association with The Genius Cloud Academy and Karkhana is the subsidiary of the event.

Similarly, Vianet Communication and Pixel Touch have also collaborated for the program. The Digital Learning Day which is in Association with Genius Cloud Academy will feature panel discussions and interactions on a variety of important topics. The first panel discussion will be on ‘Reimagining Digital Education: Policy and Planning’ and the second and final panel discussion will be on ‘Future of Digital Education’.

An expert from the international level will also participate in the program as a ‘keynote speaker’.

The event was held at Hotel Himalaya where various experts will discuss and present digital education. The event assumes more than 100 participants in the program, including stakeholders working in the field, university representatives, and school principals, teachers, and experts.

Similarly, a two-day workshop and informative sessions for students and teachers will also be organized on the occasion of Digital Learning Day.

Lately, educational institutions have been closed for a long time due to the pandemic and lockdown done against Covid-19. On this occasion, a new dimension has been added for digital education in Nepal. Most schools and universities have practiced online learning and digital education during this period. The government has also prioritized digital education as an alternative learning medium. Therefore, we consider the relevance and importance of ‘Digital Learning Day’ to promote digital education to be even greater this year. We look forward to your support in this special event of Digital Learning Day organized with the campaign called “Together for Digital Education”.