BSc. CSIT Limitation and Confusion

B.Sc.CSIT is a four-year course programme which is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Computing.

But there are obviously some of the limitations of CSIT in the scenario of Nepal are:

  • Since the Nepalese government has invested lots of fund in the field of computer engineering, it has better job opportunities rather than B.Sc.CSIT.
  • CSIT student cannot apply if there’s vacancy announcement for computer engineer even if requirement meets the same criteria.
  • In the current scenario, lots of students are found joining B.Sc.CSIT and most of them are unknown about what they are studying and also don’t know how they will build their career in the field of Computing Technology. So, it seems to be confused.
  • According to the current examination, the result and educational system’s popularity is also decreasing day by day. The results also seem to be weak following with careless of unmanaged for publishing results and exam agenda.

Due to the current examination, result and educational system believe is decreasing among the students and parents. In addition to this exam doesn’t occur timely i.e it takes more than four years to complete the course.
B.Sc.CSIT is a practical based program but theoretical is being practiced more in most of the colleges.

Rather, this course has been demanding and trending in Nepal due to its opportunities like software developer, programmer, cryptographer, project manager, IT officer or manager etc.

In today’s world, information technology is broad and significant. So, if the current situation of education overcome with the best solution then CSIT may be the best option.