Chrome Brings Live Caption Features on Windows and Mac

Live Caption is one of the best features ever developed by Google. This will brings an effective change in videos and audio clips. Last year on Google I/O, this amazing new Live caption was announced by search the giant. This feature will recognize the speed in any videos and audios, and then add subtitles to it in real-time.

Once you play any video on a certain platform, this feature will automatically detect the speech in that content. These features will probably work for all desktop platforms.

Importance of Live caption

Well, thus transcribing feature is very useful when you are getting the language on your video. Also whenever there is a situation when you cannot turn up the volume or you don’t have any speaker, you can know about the video with its subtitle.

Not only the online videos, but it will also add subtitles to your own recorded videos. I think this is one of the best ways for learning purposes. Now you can also easily learn through several video tutorials whose language is not understandable. You need not care about the language within the videos, you will get its subtitle in English which will be easily understandable.

For now the subtitle is only available in English, but Google has promised to bring support for other several languages.

Access to Live Caption

You will get direct access to live caption on Chrome. You need to download its latest version Canary 84.0.4136.2 or later. And if you don’t want to update this latest version, then you have to keep waiting. Soon google is going to providing access to live caption settings on all versions of Chrome. But I suggest you update to its latest version. It will keep your system free of bugs and you can enjoy your video without any disturbance.

Once you have updated your chrome, follow the given steps to active live caption for your desktop:

  • Navigate to chrome://flags page
  • Use the on-page search for “Live Caption”
  • Select the “Relaunch” button at the bottom of the page
  • Close and restart Chrome Canary

In this way, you can activate live caption features to your desktop.

I am sure you will love these features. So get this live caption for your windows or mac, and enjoy your videos.

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