E-Transportation Service completed one year successfully: Know more about ETS

Most of us love travelling, isn’t it? We enjoy our drive so much or our companies vehicle keep roaming for business purpose. But what if your vehicle is a failure in the middle of your way. It is worse than anything else. Sometime luckily we get a mechanic at that place and sometimes no one is there for your help. Have you ever faced such a situation? Now no more barrier on your way through major highways of Nepal. You can enjoy your travelling and transportation work with the help of E-Transportation.

Today E-Transportation Nepal turned one-year completion providing their services. With more than six easy to access services like Free registration, VAT Billing System, Vehicle Breakdown Services, Digital Storage for Monthly Income or Expenses, Dhuwani Sewa, Manage VTCs, etc.

Achievements so far:

  • More than 4536 vehicles (Truck) are registered.
  • More than 103 Private factories
  • More than 173 garages on Major highway of Nepal are associated with E-Transportation Service

E-Transportation is an amazing digital platform in Nepal. It is a digital way to provide communication between transportation and transporter.

E-Transportation will create a platform where a vehicle owner can communicate with a nearby mechanic or garage for repairing their vehicle. To get this service, at first you need to register your account in the E-Transportation app.

This is an amazing app with which you can report your problem easily and efficiently. It will capture your location when you report your problem through the app.

Why choose E-Transportation?

Well, there several reasons for choosing E-Transportation for your drive. Some of them are listed below:

  • Easy to use transport business
  • No issues on digital payment
  • A vehicle owner can easily update their availability so that they can easily get the service for good and logistic
  • An organization can update their goods to be transported which save their time for following up for free vehicles.
  • Provides digital VAT/PAN bill


It provides services to fix your vehicle by contacting nearby garage on the spot if on any major highway of Nepal

Transporter (Vehicle)

  • A vehicle owner can register their account with E-Transportation through mobile app and website
  • They can update their availability via mobile app or sending SMS to 9857077788
  1. Transportation (Private & Government Org.)
  • All the government or private organization can register with E-Transportation via mobile app or website
  • A registered organization can add their goods to transport via app or website

Vehicle Recovery Service

  • Provides vehicle recovery service to Bus, Truck, Public vehicle, and Private car.
  • Services: Flat Tires, Battery Problems, Light problem, Break Failure

How to Register with E-Transportation?

You can register with E-transportation from www.nepalets.com. Or you can simply call on 9857077788. It will provide services as per the detail which you provide during your registration. You can make your payment both digitally or manually.

Contact Details

Wrapping Up

Henceforth E-Transportation is a convenient and transparent app that is developed for the betterment of your travelling. It repairing service and provides good carriage service all over Nepal. Now enjoy your travelling with E-Transportation.