Google Crowdsource Community Talks at Biratnagar

Do you think you have free time for volunteering your language translation skills for Google translate and other places on the Internet? Google Crowdsource is the place you have been looking for. Crowdsource asks users what languages they’re fluent in, ahead of allowing them to handle translation requests. It asks users for help on translating between languages, image transcription, handwriting recognition, and translation validation, as well as map translation validation. But Google does not pay users any money for helping with the translations and other tasks as well. It’s also solely focused on helping Google improve its own services.

Source: Techcrunch

“Each microtask takes no more than five to 10 seconds, so knock away a few the next time you find yourself with a few moments to kill,” Google suggests in the app description. “Every time you use it, you know that you’ve made the internet a better place for your community”. On asked why would people use this app, a Google spokesperson told: “people may be inclined to use [Crowdsource] because, for many languages, tools like Translate, Image Recognition, etc. aren’t very good right now.”

Google Crowdsource Community Talks at Purbanchal University School of Engineering & Technology hosted by PUSET ICON CLUB is going to be held tomorrow at PUSET campus first time ever in Nepal. The representative from Google Crowdsource Community will join us at PUSET College, Biratnagar. The talk will cover Google Crowdsource (impact of machine learning in making smarter AI). The event will first happen at Biratnagar on June 2nd which is the largest city in Nepal after capital city Kathmandu further then the next event will be held at Kathmandu on 3rd June also the last Google Crowdsource Community Talks will be carried at Dang on 5th June respectively.

Event Details

Time: 12:30 PM

Venue: Purbanchal University School of Engineering & Technology

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