A call From Siraha to Home Ministry:” I have hacked ATM of Banijya Bank and next is Rastriya Bank”

An unknown call is received by the receptionist of the Home Ministry on Thursday around 3:00 PM. The person on the other side was from Siraha. He told that,” I have already hacked the ATM of Banijya Bank and my next target is Rastriya Bank. After this threat, the receptionist quickly transfer the message to the Home secretary ‘Prem Kumar Rai’. And without wasting any single second, Mr. Rai informed overall condition to the I.G.P ‘Sabendra Khanal. He also ordered the Police to take quick action on it and caught the hacker as soon as possible.


Now Mr. Sabendra Khanal started his inquiry and share about the incident to the S.E.P of Metropolitician crime branch, Sahakul Thapa. He order him to take action on it and arrest the criminal soon.

Few days before, more than a crore money was hacked which was transferred to the several accounts. Due to this, investing group become more concern about the case. The team started to hack the number from which the hacked made the call. With a huge effort, within 24 hours, the team successfully able to caught the hacker from Kalyanpur, Siraha.

The arrested person was Pramod Thakur from Siraha. During the interrogation, the police informed that, hacker was mentally disable. The hacker said that,” I have also called Mr. Narendra Modi, president of India. Promod has single cell phone but he is using 7 different SIM cards and all are issued from his own name.

Not only that the hacker has also called to the “Supreme Court” and informed about the ATM hacking. Additionally, he added that,” I am responsible for all the plane crash of Bangladesh.

After the interrogation, it is known that Pramod Thakur was not mentally fit so he have to go through the health checkup. Now all the SIM cards are seized by the police for further inquiry.

This criminal incident have mentally disturb the bank holder as well as its client. We keep our money in bank for safety. But with this incident several people are disturbed. So the Government has to take strict action on it for the safety of their citizen and their property.
Source – enewsbureau.com

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