Nepal is facing more cyber attacks these days

Nepal is a developing country. Hence, most of the rural places of Nepal has not got many facilities like transportation, communication, education etc. So, it can also be well guessed that many of them don’t know about Cybersecurity and Cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity is defined as the protection of computer systems from theft to their hardware, software or electronic data and Cyber attacks is a type of offensive activity that targets the computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, or personal computer devices.

In Nepal cyber attackers has been attacking from the foreign land to commit the number of cybercrime. This has been increasing rapidly as reported by the police officials. Since Nepal is new with the terms like cyber attacks and cyber crimes, no any proper laws and policies have been implemented in Nepal regarding cybersecurity. Hence, the cyber safety of Nepal is reaching towards a complex situation.

The Cybercrime activity of Nepal includes withdrawing money through fake ATM cards, Swindling by the means of social media and many more. Recently, Nepali cops have arrested an Indian citizen in Kathmandu for the crime of defrauding people through Facebook. It’s also found that the number of Nepali in cybercrime has been increased. Some of the major cyber attacks in Nepal includes defrauding from social media, hacking bank account, stealing personal or organization’s data, call bypass. According to the Central Research Bureau of Nepal Police (CRBNP), 44 social network abuse cases have been registered in the court and 62 internet frauds have been arrested within 7 years. Also, 52 foreign citizens are arrested for bypassing call and hacking ATM.

Recently, during the press meet of CISCO Global Cyber Security Summit, The Vice President of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Mrs. Sunina Ghimire Pandey, informed that around 800 cyber crimes have occurred in Nepal among them which, 11 cases were filed in the court. The number of cyber attacks can be found in future as all our data has been recorded in a computer system, said by Pandey. With that, she also reported about different kinds of cyber attacks in Nepal. Hence, they are mentioned below:
1. Attacks on social media
2. Piracy
3. Identity Threat
4. Unauthorized access
5. Website hacking
The cyber attackers used to steal data only of different individual and organization earlier. But now they even have started the business of defrauding in the name of different projects, foreign employment and among others. Police are struggling to establish a separate Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau since the cybersecurity has become the major issue now.