The website named “” displays pornography content

The personal website our prime minister, “KP Sharma Oli” domain was re-registered on 2019-05-28 according to whois record. The website is now showing naked photos of a girl which is quite offensive news.

When you open this website, you will notice a QR code on it, on scanning it opens a page with another naked photo re-directing website to another domain which shows repugnant content. There is some description available in the Chinese language about the website also on clicking the iOS and Android button which is available on the website leads us to download the application file which can be used in specific platform of devices, but we don’t know yet whether it is malware affected or not. So, it’s quite vulnerable to download and install on our devices which may cause us in trouble.

Furthermore, the website was previously shown as the personal website of Prime Minister, “KP Sharma Oli” but now we suspect that after expiring the domain which was not re-new by the authorities is now under the privilege of someone else. The previous website is being shown as per


What do you think is this a direct message for the government who had banned pornography content in Nepal on September 21st, 2018? This misleading content becomes the sensational news and arises several questions on the public mind.

You can go through this website from the given link below:

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