Internet  Users Get Relief From 13% TSC 

Internet  Users Get Relief From 13% TSC

In today’s world, internet service is our primary requirement. Directly or indirectly, we all depend on it. But as per the Telecom service charge (TSC) implemented from FY 2075/76, its price increase by 13%. From Shrawan 1, 2076, the user has to pay 13% more for their internet services. This becomes a burden on the head of the citizen and brings sensational issue among the user.

After several discussion, the government decided to reduce the TSC and give concession to its citizen on their internet package. This brings a huge change to the decision of the ISP. Now they are not going to increase the changes in internet services. So no more hike on the internet charge.

As per the president of Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISBN), Bhoj Raj  Bhatta, the ministry has amended the law of telecommunication to reduce the maintenance charge as well as infrastructure cost. He also added that the previous law for the internet is formulated due to which there will be no increment on the internet price.

Rule amended by the Government

Now the government is going to cover 50% of TSC. So the ISP has to pay only the remaining 50% of charge, which is only 6.5%. Due to this, there will be no increment on the internet service charge. And also, this will reduce the burden on the citizen’s head.

President Bhatt said that ”The rules that have been stalled since last year have been revised, and the price of the Internet is no longer rising.”

And also the government has ignored the charges on routers, internet equipment, intranet lease line, installment and maintenance costs for internet connectivity. This brings positive vibes among the internet user and they are happy with the decision of the government. We hope the government comes with a more new strategy in upcoming future which are in the favor of internet user.

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