RE: Living With ICT Presents Fusemachines Nepal ICT Startup & Innovation Mela

Living with ICT presents you the creative ICT Startup and Innovation Mela which rolls up an accessible platform where students and best academicians can bestow their knowledge and innovative ideas. The foremost purpose of living with ICT organizing this event is to strengthen the e-society so that people can connect to the world of IT smoothly.

Living with ICT is one of the top-ranked magazines in the IT field of Nepal conducting different National ICT events and IT-related programs like CAN InfoTech, ICT Expo, CAN Commtech, WordPress Conference etc over-all the cities of Nepal. Event has an attraction in all the sectors highlighting the participation of children’s to adults. The central objective of the event is to select the participants going in their place also is pre-event for one of the countless wondrous tech award ceremonies in Nepal i.e. ICT Award.

As we had mentioned ‘creative‘ in the above line, this time ICT Mela is going to organize different programs, like A Workshop, Expo, Startups, & Various Innovation. Looking forward to living With ICT Startup and Innovation Mela which is going to conduct in 3 different provinces of the country which are Province 1, Province 3, and Province 5 mainly focuses on the upcoming ICT Awards of 2019. The event will be organized in Biratnagar (Province 1), Narayangadh (Province 3) and finally in Butwal (Province 5).

Highlights of the ICT Startup and Innovation Mela

  • Demonstration and Exhibition of product
  • Projects by the Student
  • Idea generation for Startup innovation
  • Software and Applications
  • Opportunity for Job Fair
  • Advisor and mentor to companies for creative ideas
  • Demonstration of Robotics, Drone & IOT products
  • Workshop on Latest Technologies & Trends like AI, IoT, and Big Data
  • Discussion Startup & Entrepreneurship

Province 1 (BIRATNAGAR)

27th & 28th Baishak 2076
(10th & 11th May 2019)

Province 5 (BUTWAL)

10th & 11th Jesta, 2076
(24th & 25th May 2019)

Province 3 (NARAYANGADH)

17th & 18th Jesta, 2076
(31st May & 1st June 2019)

According to the organizer Razan Lamsal, there are more than 30+ stalls where there will be showcasing of products made by tech companies from all over Nepal along with Biratnagar including both software and hardware. Event major attraction can be robot war as seen before in CAN Info-Tech 2019 Biratnagar let’s see what “ICT Startup & Innovation Mela” delivers to us. As stated form the organizer community the event will be of free of cost but the conference will cost around Rs 1000/-.

For more details, contact us at 9851141348/9801115055 and Biratnagar No: 9842086201