SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2019 in Association with Mcafee is rolling Biratnagar

The mass that we got from SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2019 in Association with Mcafee is not typical than assumed but it’s insane.

subisu can info-tech 2019

Biratnagar is loving RoboWar battle the fight between robots made by enthusiastic students. The organizers are working so hard continuously to make this event very cheap and best. Organizers presented an elite offer for visitors up to 50 percent discount also a free entrance for students.

In total 15 teams, only 4 teams made their place in finals. Having 4 members in 3 groups and 3 members in 1 group. Suraj Shakya said, “School team were kept in A & B group. Similarly, 10+2 teams were in the C group and Engineering group was in D group. Which makes battle pretty much fair enough to look at.”

From each group, top 2 teams were fighting in knockout round as well as semi-final round as conducted by Engineering Garage yesterday. Team Destruction from Biratnagar, a school level team and COSMOS College from Kathmandu are in finals that will be held today 1 PM.

To see live of that video you can visit:

The selling of hardware is trending topic in the event of CAN Info-Tech 2019 where laptops are up to 15-20% discounts also buying an antivirus can offer you up to 50% discounts, you can get a pen drive with antivirus as well.

Yesterday at SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2019 where many professionals presented their talk on the topic of smart city and cyber security & it’s effect in the following days. With the voice of “Let’s build e-Nepal: Together we CAN” and build smart cities. Where Kathmandu University Professor Dr. Manish Pokhrel presented his talk on the smart city. Another fascinating topic from Er. Manindra Aryal presented his talk on IoT ( Internet of things). Likewise, Prakash Upreti talked about cybercrime.

Let’s see what SUBISU CAN Info-Tech 2019 organized by CAN Morang and Co-organized by Living With ICT offers to Biratnagar. Though it’s happening in Biratnagar we cannot say this event of only for Biratnagar city furthermore, it attracted visitors from a national level and a huge portion of Province No: 1 and 2.