Fake calls in the name of Cyber Bureau strives to leak personal information

Recently, we have heard a lot about phishing, data breach, spamming, etc and now Fake Calls (Phishing) in the name of Cyber Bureau wait…. what??? This is one of the most destructive things to hear. A big question mark arises in the Cyber Bureau. Anonymous people are making fun of the Cyber Bureau with such type of activity. 

Cyber Bureau, Bhotahiti published a notice including about the recent methods of phishing via fake calls, to make people aware of such activities and requested to inform immediately them in case we may get similar calls like this.

According to the Bureau, some anonymous frauds are making fake calls in the name of the Cyber Bureau. A person in the call remarks as,” I am police talking from Cyber Crime” or “I am calling from cybersecurity.” Though, people can get fooled by such calls and provide their information with fear not to get in any trouble.

However, those anonymous frauds are making things more complicated than we imagine, they ask for personal information and order us to send nude pictures/videos through the call by making us feel guilt and destroy our confidence. After that, when they have sufficient information or data about us they start to blackmailing us or post it on social media platforms, such activities can damage our profession and identity.

If you are receiving any before-mentioned calls or maybe email, please do not share your private information. This will bring you to a big obstacle. 

You can report about such calls to:

Police Headquater, Cyber Bureau, Bhotahity, Kathmandu

Mobile Number: 9851286771/9851286770

Email: [email protected]


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