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Quantum Hack,Ā the first digital fair and the largest international digital hackathon in Nepal which was held onĀ August 28thĀ andĀ August 29th, 2020. It was organized by NxtGen under the membership of Devfolio, the most significant and quickest developing network of manufacturers in India.

The event added charm to the hackathon by announcingĀ Steve WozniakĀ as the special chief guest in the event along with exciting many big names participation during the event.

The event had more than 3000+ participants, 30+ international partners, 1000+ hackathon registrations, 4 celebrities from (Nepal, Japan, and India), 43 project submission for the 36 hour-long event, 15 mini-events and workshop.

The event saw representatives from Microsoft, Facebook Community Group, Google, and AWS Ambassador.

The event was a 24-hour global event hosting participants from more than 25 countries. This huge occasion will containĀ 60 groupsĀ framed byĀ 240 membersĀ from wherever the planet. The members had forming advancements and applications that battle the in practice issues in:

(I) Education

(II) Health and Urban population management

(III) Disaster Management and Preparedness

(IV) Fintech

(V) Entertainment

(VI) Open

The main competition was supplemented by various workshops, games, and fun sessions. Some of the events during the hackathon were listed in the below article.

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Upon which the hackathon titled the overall winner to the teamĀ Vectorr, the TeamĀ VectorrĀ submitted their project in theĀ HealthĀ category. Similarly, in the categoryĀ DisasterĀ TeamĀ WeNepali, in theĀ fintechĀ category TeamĀ B-node, inĀ EducationĀ category TeamĀ Freyja, and inĀ OpenĀ category TeamĀ AltF4Ā was the winner.

Hackathon Winners Projects:

Team Vectorr (Health): https://devfolio.co/submissions/masked

Team WeNepali (Disaster): https://devfolio.co/submissions/wecare-8

Team B-node (Fintech): https://devfolio.co/submissions/fps-fake-product-scanner

Team Freyja (Education): https://devfolio.co/submissions/freyja

Team AltF4 (Open): https://devfolio.co/submissions/together-we-stand

Nepal’s largest hackathon would not be possible without the organizer’s committee, you should know who they are who brought the Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak to the event.


Jay Kishan Panjiyar (Lead-Organizer)

Bibek Mallik (Co-Organizer)

Biplab Karki (Partnership and Outreach Manager)

Anjil Bishwokarma (Graphics Designer)

Nirdesh Bhattarai (Marketing Manager)

Apeksha Ghimire (Social Media Manager)

Aman Gupta (Technical Manager)

Anisha Adhikari (Media Manager)

Sujen Shrestha (Sponsor Manager)

Sagar Shrestha (Chief Correspondent)

Aakash Sarraf (Event Manager)

Shiva Bhandari (Finance Manager)


Aakriti Acharya

Rahul Kumar Jha

Vikrant Panjiyar

Bishal Bashyal

Nikhil Aryal

Suprima Shrestha

Anish Sharma

Santosh Aryal

Suman Poudel

And yes, if you missed the genius, Steve Wozniak, addressing in the hackathon you can see the full video below.