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Quantum Hack, the first digital fair and the largest international digital hackathon in Nepal is going to require place on August 28th and August 29th, 2020. It is sorted out by NxtGen under the membership of Devfolio, the most significant and quickest developing network of manufacturers in India.

This huge occasion will contain 60 groups framed by 240 members from wherever the planet. The members will manufacture advancements and applications that battle the in vogue issues in

(I) Education

(II) Health and Urban population management

(III) Disaster Management and Preparedness

(IV) Fintech

(V) Entertainment

(VI) Open

Ludo & Chess Tournament QH

The main competition will be supplemented by various workshops, games, and fun sessions. Some of the events during the hackathon are:

(i) Technical and non-technical workshops

(ii) Online Scavenger Hunt

(iii) Awareness Programmes

(iv) Selfie Dances

(v) Quiz Competitions

(vi) Meditation and Relaxation

(vii) One to One matchmaking sessions

(viii) Singing

(ix) League Games (PUBG, Chess, Ludo)

Recently, it announces about Open Art Competition if you have missed details about it please Click Here.

This digital event features a large prize pool for various participants and winners:

A. CategoryPrizes

This prize is awarded to the winning team in each of the six categories. The winning team will win prizes worth 3500$.

  • Bugsee Credit worth 400$
  • 1 Password membership for 1 year worth 240$
  • Egghead Pro subscription coupons worth $1400
  • Wolfram Alpha Pro and Wolfram One Personal edition for 1 year worth $1500
  • Wolfram Award Letter

B. Grand Prize

This prize is awarded to the team with the best idea and project among the category winners.

  • Lifetime legal support for a startup from Clerky worth 799$ and
  • Fold Prize
    • Fold Premium Account
    • Eligibility for Internship and a full-time role

C. Participation Prize

This prize is awarded to all the participants of the hackathon.

  • Access to Wolfram One for 30 days (includes Desktop and Cloud Access, full access toWolfram Language and Knowledgebase, FreeCDF deployment, 5000 Wolfram Alpha API calls, 5000 Cloud Credits, 2 installations per user and 2 GB of Cloud Storage) worth $25for each user
  • Free .xyz domain
  • T-shirts, swags, stickers
  • Balsamiq cloud extended trial for 90 days
  • Taskade Unlimited subscription for 1 year (worth 60$ per user)

D. Axure Prize

This prize is awarded to the best 3 teams in the hackathon.

  • Axure RP9 Team (49 $ per user)

E. Matic Ethereum Track Prize

This prize is provided to the best project incorporating blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Matic.

  • The best project made using Ethereum: INR 10,000
  • ​The best project made using Ethereum + Matic: INR 15,000 + Eligibility for internship/FullTime interview Role + Chance of landing a 5000USD seed funding

Event Details:

Ludo & Chess Tournament Details:

Deadline: 16th August 2020

Open-Art Competition Details:

Submission Till: 25th August 2020

Vote Collection: 27th August 2020

Hackathon Event details: