NTC is Offering e-Shikshya Data Package for Teachers and Students

NTC (Nepal Telecom) is a national owed telecommunication company in Nepal. With its amazing services and offers, it can connect millions of people within a single network. From a landline, GSM mobile to CDMA, and the internet, NTC is providing impressive facilities.

You all are familiar with the present situation of the world. We all are suffering from the critical situation of COVID-19. Everyone’s work is pending. Students can’t continue their classes. No one can do their outdoor works, as you are lockdown due to this critical situation.

By keeping this situation on the mind, for the shake of students NTC comes with an outstanding offer. Whatever the situation is, NTC is always ready to provide better services and offers to its users. Students cannot go to their schools or colleges which will badly affect their studies. In such a situation, an online class is only one option. But it required a good internet connection.

So this time, NTC is offering e-Shikshya data packages at a cheap rate. This is very helpful for students as well as teachers. Now the teacher can conduct their classes online and also the student can continue their studies.

Offers under the e-Shikshya data package?

NTC is offering different offers under the e-Shikshya data package. The offers are:
Data: 6 GB

Cost: Rs. 260

Out of the 6 GB, 3 GB can be used for 5 hours (5 AM to 10 AM). And remaining 3 GB can be used anytime.
2. Data: 15 GB

Cost: Rs. 500

Out of 15 GB, 6 GB can be used for 5 hours (5 AM to 10 AM). And remaining 9 GB can be used anytime.

This package is available with a validity of 28 days. e-Shikshya package is available for all types of GSM mobile data services 2G, 3G, 4G.

How to get an e-Shikshya data package?

You can subscribe to the e-Shikshya package by dialing *1441#. The company will send you an SMS. By following the instruction you can get your data package.

This is an impressive initiative taken by Nepal Telecom. Now students can continue their studies with the NTC data package at a very cheap rate. They can download their educational materials and can join online classes. Stay tuned with us and stay safe at your home, we will keep informing you about further packages and offers.

#Stay home!!!

#Stay safe!!!

#Keep learning!!!

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