A two-day annual festival: KATHFEST

KATHFEST 2019 is the two-day annual festival organized by students of Kathford College of Engineering and Management.

The theme for Kathfest 2019 is “Solving the problems of Nepal”.

KATHFEST is a vision to integrate technical Nepal with the students of their respective field. We members of ROBOKATH and KATHFOSS are organizing the technical exhibition including +2 colleges, engineering, and professionals. It will include projects from civil, electrical, computer and electronics sections. By having this exhibition, we hope to prepare students for their future career and familiarize them with the technology companies in Nepal. We also hope that the event organizer will be beneficial for the students in their academic studies, as the conductors will be sharing their ideas about their projects and motivate the students to do the same. There will be many Professionals from IT and other technical fields providing with their valuable insights and advice.


Software Events

1. Software Exhibition (Theme Based)
2. Software Exhibition (Open)
3. Alcode
4. Software Hackathon

Hardware and Electronics Events

  1. Manual Angry Bots
  2. Automatic Angry Bots
  3. Drone Racing
  4. Hardware Exhibition (Theme Based)
  5. Hardware Exhibition (Open Category)
  6. +2 Project Demonstration

Civil Events

  1. Popsicle Bridge
  2. Civil Modelling
  3. Civil Quiz
  4. Civil Wonders


  1. FIFA 2019

  2. PUBG

Management Events

1. Quiz Competition
2. Idea Pitching
3. Visit Nepal 2020 Advertisement

Photography Events

1. Photography Competition
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