No More Card To Withdraw Money from ATMs

No More Card To Withdraw Money from ATMs

Now you can withdraw money from ATMs without using ATM card. In collaboration with Civil Bank, our technology providers are about to use the ‘Cardless ATM Payment’ service. Vishnu Maharjan, chief executive officer of the company, informed that this technology had been successfully examined.

The company is beginning to launch this service through the ‘M Bank’ app. Recently, more than 200 people have been using ‘M Bank’ app. Not only that, banks, financial institutions, and cooperatives are using it. According to Maharjan, this technology is coming soon. With this, users will be able to complete all the technical work by ATI without a withdrawal. Now, the development banks, finance, and subsidiaries of the Development Bank, who will not operate ATI, will get this benefit.

Without ATIs, Developing banks, finance, and cooperative organizations will be able to provide service to the customer by adding this technology. TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has been providing smart mobile banking service to 10 development banks and finances whereas more than 200 cooperative organizations have been provided so far.

Through the app, you can order for OTP (one-time password) to deposit amount, the account number of the financial accounting account. So on order, the registered name of autonomous financial institutions will receive six digits OTPs, which will only be valid for a unique purpose. Now the ‘Cardless Transactions’ option, appears in the ATIs of Civil Bank to withdraw money. All the ATIs, now called the ‘Cardless Transactions’ application, said.

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