Life-saving HTC light bulb

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Life-saving HTC light bulb

There are smart bulbs in the market and then HTC had potentially worked on a super smart intelligent lightbulb HTC U11 which managed to gained appropriate attention from the tech community at large after its launch.
It could actually save lives by alerting users when someone falls or when someone is stationary for long periods of time in the room brightened by it. This will be done using the room detection sensors also used in the HTC Vive VR headset wearer, only in this case involvement of headset is exchanged with a lightbulb, accessed with a moving antenna and two radiators, used for determination of whether the subject shows signs of life.

An app that is offered with the light bulbs sends a notification to the user. That same app also could automatically call an ambulance when the bulb detects that someone has fallen and they can’t get up.

The drawings conceived by HTC show a lightbulb or an all-in-one device, as illustrated in the patent application. This device would plug into a standard light bulb socket and then function as a smart light using its various onboard sensors. Which conclude this lightbulb can prove extremely useful in certain scenarios.

This Sedentariness Reminder Function also has the ability to remind users in the room that they shouldn’t remain seated and inactive for extraordinary amounts of time as it is not healthy.
In the patent stages, it shows that HTC plans to use its Vive technology in other areas which could help change the home to make it a safer place in the future. After signing a $1.1 billion deal with Google recently we could see this sort of tech folded into other devices like the Nest cameras.
Awfully, this product of HTC certainly sounds like an impressive one, to say the least, which looks to extend that goodwill to a new line of smart home devices.

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