[Breaking News] Vianet Data Breach: 170,500+ User’s Data Exposed

Recently, Foodmandu has suffered a security breach with over 50K user records stolen from the food delivery company’s database on the night of Saturday on March 7th, 2020. These hacks and breaches brought a big question mark in our security expertise and methodology that we use to protect our system.

And, today Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd., Nepal’s leading Internet Service Provider database hacked and leaked more than 160,000+ user’s data online. The stolen information has reward_points, customer_id, company_name, customer_name, address, contact information such as primary telephone number, mobile, and email addresses exposed and out in the open. We request everyone to change their passwords if they are listed on Vianet’s contact details and, if possible, change the emails on sensitive accounts to better defend yourselves from threat leads.

The exposed user data is stored on the dark web, which is different from the regular internet that we use in our daily life. The breach is yet to be confirmed officially by Vianet. The hack was done yesterday night.

As mentioned in ICTFRAME, A hacker with twitter name ‘नरपिचास’ posted a post with the onion link leading to the leaked data. A particular browser such as ‘Tor’ is required to view contents posted in a self-hosted network with an onion link. Vianet itself had faced such an issue in early 2019.”


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Meanwhile, you can change your password of the Vianet Customer Portal through their web application or the mobile phone app.


  1. Do Not Use Personal Information
  2. Do Not Use Real Words
  3. Mix Different Character Types
  4. Use A Passphrase
  5. Change your password frequently